Salami Mix


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SEASONING; Salt, Spices, Sugar, Garlic. CURE; Salt. Sodium Nitrite(6.25%)Dextrose.<2% Propylene Glycol< .001% FD&C Red #40.

Net Weight: Seasoning: .69 lbs. Cure: .06 lbs.


Use 25 pounds of 85% lean Beef or a combination of 1/2 Venison and Beef or 1/2 Pork to get the 85% lean meat mix. Open cure pack located in seasoning bag and mix in with seasoning. Pour 2-3 cups distilled water in meat and blend in seasoning until the meat mixture and seasoning are mixed and becomes tacky. Refrigerate overnight. Get mix ready for stuffing: add 1 oz. of distilled water per 1 pound of meat and work into meat slowly (try not to get it too sticky). Now you can add cheese if you like. Stuff meat mix in the casing (make sure its nice and firm) place a hog ring on the end. Place in 100 degree pre heated smoker with the upper and lower vent wide open for 1 to 2 hours or until casings are dry to the touch. Close the upper damper to 1/8 open and lower damper 2/3 open. Start to smoke 110 degrees for 3 hours check wood supply and increase temp to 130 degrees for 2 hours then 150 for the next 2 hours ensure your smoking the whole time, then up to 170 degrees until an internal temp of 152-155 degrees is reached. Remove sausage from smoker, spray with cold water until cooled below 100 degrees. Let fully cooked sausages sit in room

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