Potato Sausage


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Salt, Onion, Sugar, Spices, Garlic.

Net Weight: .68 lbs.


Blend 25 lbs. Of ground pork or a combination of 1/3 Venison and 2/3 Pork with contents of this seasoning pack. Let stand in the refrigerator overnight. Then mix in 2 cups distilled water into meat until it soaks up meat, do not over mix or meat will become rubbery. Once most of the water is gone and meat mixture seems squishy add in 2 bags of frozen shredded hash browns from your grocery freezer section (60 oz. total but doesn't need to be exact). Now we are ready to stuff into casings. Also if you would like you can precook them for a brown and serve Breakfast Sausage. To precook simply place links in a roaster oven. on the rack with 3 cups of water. Cook approximately 1 hour at 225 degrees or until sausages are 160 degrees internal temp. Then you can just brown them in a pan before you serve them. lf you would like you can add dehydrated onions and crushed red pepper in as an added flavor.

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