Pepperoni Seasoning


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Twin Pack; SEASONINGS; Spices,Salt, Garlic. CURE: Salt. Sodium Nitrite(6.25%) Dextrose, <2% Propylene Glycol,<.001 fd&c red color #40.

Net Weight: Seasoning: .69 lbs. Cure: .06 lbs.


Grind 12 lbs. of lean pork trim and 13 lbs. of lean beef through a 1/8th inch plate. Add 1 cup distilled water, 1 cup medium bodied Red Wine, seasoning, cure pack to meat, and mix until mixture becomes tacky. Stuff into casings, refrigerate overnight. VENISON can be used in the mix as well, a good ratio is 10 lbs. venison with 15 lbs. of a pork trim. Cooking Place 1/2 of the casings in a preheated oven set on its lowest temp (175) leave the door slightly open for the first 2 hours. Close door and continue to heat until internal meat temp reaches 150 degrees, remove and air dry with a fan until room temperature, refrigerate uncovered for a minimum of 1 week or until desired hardness. oven and the longer you refrigerate uncovered the stronger. TIP: The faster you cool down after removing from the oven and the longer you refrigerate uncovered the stronger the flavor.

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