Bacon “Maple” Cure Kit


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Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Maple Sugar, Sodium Nitrite(.85%) <2% Propylene Glycol.

Net Weight: .22 lbs.


Grind 5 lbs. of Venison through a large diameter plate. Mix with 5 lbs. of our pre-ground hog jowl and add the seasoning package to the two meats. Mixing must be done very vigorously to bond the proteins and allow the product to stay together after smoking. Once the meat is very sticky refrigerate at least 6 hours. Remove and mold into 3 large patties, now mash and smash until you mold them into perfectly smooth patties and place on smoker screen. Dry in smoker at 110 degrees with vents wide open 90 minutes. Start smoking at 120 degrees for 3 hours with vents 1/2 open bottom 1/8 open top. Continue smoking at 150 degrees for next 2 hours. Remove smoke pan, close dampers and increase temp. to 170. When meat reaches 140 degrees internally remove and refrigerate overnight before slicing.

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