Weiner Mix


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Twin Pack; SEASONINGS: Salt, Spices, Sugar, Garlic. CURE; Salt Sodium Nitrite(6.25%) Dextrose, <2% Propylene Glycol,<.001 fd&c red color #40.

Net Weight: Seasoning: .69 lbs. Cure: .06 lbs.


Grind 25 lbs. of lean pork trim through a 1/8th inch plate, add 2 cups distilled water, seasoning, and cure pack to meat. Mix until mixture becomes tacky. Stuff into casings, refrigerate overnight. VENISON can be used in the mix as well, a good ratio is 10 lbs. venison with 15 lbs. of pork trim. SMOKING preheat smoker to 110. Place meat in smoker, dry with vents wide open for 1 hour or until dry to the touch. Moisten a 1/2 pan of sawdust, start smoking, close dampers to 1/8 open top and 2/3 open on the bottom, increase temp to 150 for the first hour, 170 for the next, and continue until internal meat temp reaches 155. Place in cold water bath for 30 minutes then hang in refrigerator until dry, package and freeze. Good to eat cold or hot! Oven Method: Place meat in preheated oven on lowest temp with the door slightly open for the first hour then close door cook until the internal temp. Reaches 155. Place in a cold water bath 30 minutes, then hang in refrigerator until dry.


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